I am a London based designer. Having recently graduated from a BA Hons in Product and Furniture Design at Kingston School of Art.

I thoroughly enjoy designing through making, I believe this to be an extremely effective way of creating an object that has clear connotations to the material roots and traditions. With the interaction between a user and a product being crutial to its success, I always lead the design process with the products practicalities and then proceed to find satisfying and attractive solutions.


Very Good & Proper

Simon Jones Studio

Llot Llov

Michael Marriott

Victoria and Albert Museum
Workshops, teaching the making of product prototypes.

Lord mayors show
2016 for Golden lane estate and 2017 for LGBTQ City of London, Building carnival floats.

Brighton Festival, Dr Blighty, Workshops supporting a installation by Tom Piper.
Running workshops with the public.


tel:             +44 (0) 7756788190

Email:         frankwinter.designs@gmail.com